This group cannot exist with You

To be clear, this is a really really small organization, with most members in San Francisco, California. In fact, this website was only just launched in November of 2018. There are absolutely people all around the country who would like to end the gun epidemic, but we need you to help get this off the ground.

You can join us on the ground floor

Common Sense Americans is the only organization advocating for the repeal of the Second Amendment. We see ourselves as the necessary counter-balance to the gun lobby, and that is going to require a Herculean effort to fight.

By joining us today, You can be a part of the group that finally shifted the tide and made a difference in gun politics. When your kids ask what it was like to live in a time when guns were legal, you can tell them that you saw a haphazard group of passionate rebels with a really good idea, and you joined them. And in doing so, you helped make every street, neighborhood, and life in America more safe.

If you don’t join, maybe this idea just dies

We are not trying to be hyperbolic. It’s just incredibly challenging, and frankly daunting, to start this wildly ambitious grassroots campaign with such a small group. And if Common Sense Americans does not begin the fight to end the gun epidemic, then our nation will probably be stuck in the same, sad news cycle in perpetuity.

We need to start the fight today. And we need You to help us. By signing up below, you are giving us momentum. Fill in the info below, and someone will reach out to start a conversation. Maybe you want to actively help us grow, or maybe you just want your name to be on our side of history. Either way, your voice matters. We can’t wait to hear from You.

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