Guns killed a record 40,000 American lives, in 2018 alone


What is This About?

Common Sense Americans are disturbed by the prevalence of gun violence in America, and are exhausted by the lack of sensible legislative action.

The purpose of CSA is to mobilize patriots who believe firearms have a malignant effect on society and our fellow Americans. The ultimate goal? Repeal the Second Amendment.




We Are Not Safe

96 Americans die every day from guns – including 7 children. On average, there is a mass shooting every single day in America in schools, churches, concerts, even military bases.

Our families aren’t safe, our friends aren’t safe, our coworkers aren’t safe, our police officers are not safe. No one is safe. And this is unacceptable.


Guns Kill People

Firearms account for 70% of murders in America. More than 26,000 children and teenagers have died from gun violence since 1999, and a majority of these weapons of death are obtained legally.

The rate of mass shootings has dramatically increased in the past 25 years, and this grim trend will only worsen as the availability of firearms continues.


Repeal the Second Amendment

The notion that having more guns in public spaces will reduce murder is statistically false. This is a lie perpetuated by the gun lobby. The only logical solution is to rid our society of firearms. Members of CSA want to put an end to gun murder, now and forever. This battle will be tough, but we are willing to fight for a safe America.

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Fight for Your Life


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