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Welcome to the most incendiary and popular revolution in America

Common Sense Americans is a group of patriots disturbed by the prevalence of gun violence in America, and exhausted by the lack of sensible civic action. The purpose of this organization is to mobilize an entente of citizens who believe guns have a malignant affect on society and jeopardize the lives of our fellow Americans. Our primary goal is to repeal the Second Amendment.

Why Do This?

When it comes to firearms, one thing we can probably all agree on is that something needs to be done about all the gun massacres. There is no consensus on what the solution is, far from it. So we wait and hope it will get figured out in the future.

Another thing we can all agree on is that we’re sick of the repetitive news cycle after gun massacres. It’s divisive and counterproductive and frustrating. This issue in particular seems to polarize our already-vexed country.

But as we were forced to witness this happen again and again, it became harder and harder to ignore. Each massacre seems to creep a little closer to our personal lives and network. What if it had happened in my parents’ church? Did you hear Ken’s friend was in Las Vegas during the shooting? What if there is someone about to shoot up the concert my kids are at?

It isn’t fair for use to not feel safe in our neighborhoods, in our churches and synagogues, in our public places or homes. It is time to face this gun epidemic head on, now.


Common Sense

1. Repeal the Second Amendment

2. Collect more data on the gun epidemic

3. Lobby to make gun laws that work

We need to repeal the Second Amendment, we need to make guns illegal, and we need to get them the fuck out of the public.


When we think about the potential cures to the gun epidemic, we need to find a solution that was proven, straightforward, and final. The only solution that meets those three critical criteria was getting rid of guns altogether. We need to repeal the Second Amendment, we need to make guns illegal, and we need to get them the fuck out of the public.

As it turns out, we are the first and only civic action group openly advocating for this solution. Other groups are advocating for gun control measures, Meanwhile, the gun lobby advocates to exacerbate the epidemic with more guns.

We started Common Sense Americans because we have to come together to make this happen. We need to fight for the only solution that is proven, straightforward, and final. We are doing this to fight for a safe America.